July Pet Calendar

Pet Calendar: Dog House Repair Month

pet calendar dog house repair month

Pet Calendar: Dog House Repair Month

While we truly believe your dog should be snuggled into your bed with you, if yours spends time in a dog house, July is Dog House Repair Month. If you have a dog house for your dog that is in need of repair or even a bit of sprucing up, this is the month to do just that!

pet calendar dog house repair monthIf you’ve heard of “she sheds” — those tiny sheds that are being turned into fancy living outdoor living spaces, why not do that for your dog? Make certain his dog house is insulated and waterproof. Add bedding or a soft, comfy bed for him to sleep upon. There should always be fresh water available. Spruce up the house and build in some water and food dishes on the outside of the house so they don’t get knocked over.

Check the dog house frequently to make certain it is clean and that there are no bugs or other outdoor varmints taking up residence with your dog. Repair or replace any chewed up areas on the house. Check that there are no loose nails or any nails protruding from the house that your dog could get injured on.

Move the dog house to a shaded area of your yard to keep her cooler in the summer. When winter rolls around, it’s best to have the dog house in the sun so your dog will be warmed by the rays on the cooler days.

Bring your dog inside if the weather gets too hot or too cold. Remember, your dog is a member of your family and dogs also love their “pack” and you are their pack — bring them in and let them have fun with you!

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