Ask The Dog Trainer, February Pet Calendar

Pet Calendar: Dog Training Education Month

Pet Calendar: Dog Training Education Month

February is Dog Training Education Month and we believe it is about humans training their dogs and about humans training themselves to be great dog parents!

A Positively Woof we believe that dog training and dog trick training can help shelter dogs find their forever homes. A dog who is socialized and walk on a leash, sit, lie down, take a treat nicely, not bark and can even perform tricks like fetch or rolling over will be a dog who is likely to stay in his forever home.

When it comes to dog training it is about more than teaching your dog to jump through a hoop or run obstacles. Training starts when you bring your dog or puppy home and work with her to help her learn how to live happily within your family. This could mean teaching:

  1. Basic commands like: sit, stay, lay, come
  2. To go potty outdoors
  3. To sit nicely when you come home
  4. To walk well on a leash
  5. To not bite or lunge at other pets in the house or strangers on the street
  6. Your dog to do the unique aspects of your own life and lifestyle

Pet Calendar: Dog Training Education Month

Larry Kay, author of two dog training books, “Training The Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement” and “The Big Books Of Tricks For The Best Dog Ever”works with shelter dogs to train them basic obedience and some fun tricks to help them find their forever homes.

What can you do to celebrate Dog Training Education?

  1. Go to a dog park to socialize your pup
  2. Take her to a basic obedience class
  3. Teach her a new trick
  4. Give him time to run and exercise and just be a dog
  5. Give him a new treat or a toy

What will you and your pup do this month to celebrate? We’d love to know!

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