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Pet Calendar: Easter Pet Safety Tips

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Easter Sunday is fast approaching — April 4. I want to share pet safety tips to make Easter Sunday as safe and fun for you and your family as it is for your pets!

Pet Calendar: Easter Pet Safety Tips

Many of these tips are common sense, I am certain, but Xylitol was an eye-opener for me as I was unaware of how many products use it — the chewing gum I keep in my purse, for example. I now make certain my purse is put away and zipped to keep the dogs out.

Here are some other Easter items (and many are year round items) to keep your beloved dogs away from.

Chocolate. If you hide Easter baskets put the candy out of reach of the dogs and give it to the children after. Chocolate leads to seizures an elevated heart rate in your dog and could lead to death. The foil Easter candy is wrapped in is dangerous.

Easter grass. If your dog or cat gets Easter grass and chews it and then swallows it, it can wrap around their intestines and lead to a medical emergency. Just as you avoid tinsel on a Christmas tree, avoid Easter grass if you have pets in the house. Use tissue paper instead.

Xylitol. The sugar substitute is toxic to pets. Xylitol is found in candy, gum and peanut butter. If your pet eats food with xylitol in it, it can lead to seizures and liver failure. Check ingredients before you feed your dog. Better yet, don’t feed them sweets at all, they don’t need them!

Lilies. This plant is beautiful, traditional and deadly – especially to cats. It causes vomiting, lethargy and potentially death.

Human food. Let your guests know that your dogs and cats are not allowed to eat table scraps. You feed them a well-balanced diet and table scraps and human food are not on the menu. Many ingredients used in human foods are not healthy for your dogs.

Dog bites. Protect your guests from potential bites and your dog from blame by putting him in a quiet, safe place — away from the crowds and hubbub that he might not be accustomed to. He may be happier if he was in his crate or in another room with a special treat.

Children may not know how to behave around pets and may put their faces right into your dogs’ face and the child may get bitten simply because your dog is nervous.

Enjoy a safe, happy and fun Easter celebration this year!

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