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Pet Calendar: Happy Cat Month

happy cat month

Pet Calendar: Happy Cat Month

Started by the CATalyst Council, the month of September has been designated Happy Cat Month. The month will serve to educate and inform cat owners, and potential cat owners, of what they can do to ensure their pet’s happiness.

happy cat monthAccording to the CATalyst Council the event was created to help spread the word about the “health, welfare, and value of companion cats.” Many people believe that cats are self-reliant, aloof, and don’t care as much for humans as dogs do. It’s also been shown that cats are far less likely to receive veterinarian care than a dog would.
The month of September will highlight how a life can be enriched by sharing it with a cat and how to ensure the happiness and health of our feline companions.
There are weekly highlights that include:
  1.  The first week: Happy Healthy Cat
  2. The second week: Happy Enriched Cat
  3. The third week: Happy Multi-Cat Family
  4. The fourth week: Happy Valued Cat

How will you celebrate Happy Cat Month? Do you share your life with a cat, or cats? We’d love to hear about your cats and your cat rescue story.

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