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Pet Calendar: How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Thanksgiving

(sponsored post) It’s almost time! Thanksgiving day. Yes, things may look different for many families this year because of coronavirus restrictions on travel and gatherings. No matter what, though you will probably still cook a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Yum! On our pet calendar how to keep your dog safe on Thanksgiving is something we want to talk about and share tips with you.

If you’re a new pet parent, if you’re a long-time pet parent or if you are having guests over who don’t have pets (truly, what is wrong with them! lol) you will want to make sure your pets are safe and healthy. No one wants to take a visit to an emergency veterinarian and worry about their pet.

Read our pet safety tips below

Pet Calendar: How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Thanksgiving

Our dogs (and cats) want to be part of our holidays even though they don’t quite understand what is going on. They see people and think, “hey, maybe someone will pet me!”

Some dogs will welcome the disruption to their usual routine and will run around greeting all the guests. Other dogs may want to get away from it all. Senior dogs may be especially fearful or upset at the strangers in the house, especially if there are children and they aren’t accustomed to having small humans who are face-level around.

  1. Know your dog’s personality and know whether he will relish strangers in the house or if he’d be happier in a room by himself with a soft blanket and a delicious treat. We highly recommend Yummy Combs as a healthy treat for your pup. Why? All pet parents know they should be brushing their dog’s teeth, but not many are diligent with that task. Dental care and dental health will help keep your dog with you longer. Yummy Combs® dog treats work like dental floss for a more complete cleaning than other dog snacks. They have 44% high-quality protein and 12 other wellness ingredients packed into a highly functional shape. When you give your dog a Yummy Combs, “you can feel good about giving this treat to your dog every day. Best of all, dogs love the taste!”
  2. Give your dog a Yummy Combs® dog treat to keep her from begging at the table. She will be occupied with this delicious, healthy treat and you can rest assured none of your guests will give into her puppy dog eyes and slip her food that could make her ill.
  3. Your dog could have a bit of sweet potato (as long as it isn’t sweetened) in his food dish or mixed with his dinner for a healthy, tasty treat. Sweet potato slices are also an ideal training treat that is healthy and won’t lead to your dog getting overweight; this is especially helpful if you’re training your dog new tricks.
  4. Keep your dog safe by keeping her away from any open doors. If your guests are in and out of the house and aren’t aware that your dog is around, she may slip out the door. If possible keep her away from the door, but definitely keep her collar on her and make sure her collar has your contact information and that it is up-to-date. You may also want to consider microchipping your pet as an additional layer of safety if she escapes.
  5. Make certain your guests and their children stay out of your dog’s face and don’t try to take a toy away from him. Even the most mild-mannered dog could have a “personality change” when surrounded by strangers — especially strangers who may be trying to play with one of their toys; your dog may think they are trying to “steal it.” Supervise all interactions with your guests and your dogs.

We wish you and your families a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving! We are also going to do a random drawing for a FREE Yummy Combs treat for your pup to help you celebrate Thanksgiving!

Leave us a comment on this Facebook post for your chance to win a prize for your pup! We will be doing the random drawing on Black Friday!













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