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Pet Calendar: Hug Your Cat Day

hug your cat but

Pet Calendar: Hug Your Cat Day is June 4

Okay cat lovers, do you truly need a specific day of the year to Hug Your Cat?! If you’re like me, and every cat lover I know you hug your kitties daily — maybe even hourly if they are close at hand and if you just need a bit of a snuggle and a warm, welcoming purr to get you through your day.

Pet Calendar: Hug Your Cat Day

hug your cat but

Friends of felines love the idea of highlighting the beauty and wonder that is a cat and because of that we have (literally) embraced this holiday!

Whether you’re a tireless advocate of cat rescue, spay and neuter initiatives, cat adoption and care or any other cat-centric activity, make certain you take time today — of all days — to recognize the beauty and grace and all-out fun our furry feline friends bring to our lives.

On June 4 show your devotion to your cat and spread the love on National Hug Your Cat Day! Spend a few more minutes snuggling your cat. Visit a shelter and hug a shelter cat (and consider adopting one!) Do what you can to tout the wonder of having a cat as a family companion. Thank your cats for sharing their lives with you.

Know that even as you’re hugging your cat, your stress levels are decreasing, your blood pressure is lowering and you will likely experience a sense of calm and well-being so profound you just might not want to stop hugging your cat.


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