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Pet Calendar: Lost Pet Prevention Month

lost pet awareness month

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

July has been designated Lost Pet Prevention Month by PetHub.

I can’t even imagine the fear and panic I would feel if any of my pets ever became lost. I am diligent about keeping the dogs and cats away from any open doors, but the Devons — Ickis and Oblina — hide in the corner by the door and we always need to make sure to scare them away before we open the door. We always keep our screen door locked in case someone who doesn’t know they need to watch out for them comes over.

Henrietta and Murray wear collars with identification tags on them when we go for a walk. Neither of my dogs or any of our cats wear collars and tags indoors — even though I know conventional wisdom says they should. Do your pets wear collars and identification tags indoors?

Pet Calendar: Lost Pet Prevention Month

lost pet awareness monthDid you know that: According to the National Humane Society, a “family pet is lost every two seconds.” It’s also been reported that more than “ten million pets are lost annually and only one out of ten pets will be reunited with its owner.” I’d be devastated.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and to aid in his or her return:

  1. Make sure they are microchipped and/or that they always wear a collar with a tag and that your contact information (whether on a chip or a tag) is current.
  2. Don’t let them off leash outdoors unless they are in a secure fenced in yard. The most well-trained dog could get scared and dash off.
  3. Keep them away from open doors to prevent their dashing out the door.
  4. If you have cats, the safest place for them is indoors. If you let them outdoors, make sure they are on a leash or a harness or in a fenced in catio.
  5. Always have current photos of your pets. Photos with you with your pets is also useful. Henrietta and Murray look like different dogs when they are groomed so keep photos of your dogs in their shaggy condition as well as a fully groomed condition.
  6. If your dog or cat gets lost, take to social media and put up photos and ask anyone and everyone to share.
  7. If a cat gets loose, put his litter box outdoors, he may just return to that.

The best way to keep your pet from becoming a statistic is to keep him leashed, in a fenced in yard and with you at all times.

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