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Pet Calendar: National Black Cat Day

Black cats are good luck

Pet Calendar: National Black Cat Day 

No matter the color, cats are unique, beautiful, fun-loving, snuggly and all-around paw-tastic, right! I should know, I share my house with four of my own cats and sometimes we are up to six cats in the household when our daughter goes on vacation and needs cat-sitting. Each cat is like a snowflake — unique and beautiful.

Take a few moments to watch the video and find out why black cats are good luck!

Today, though we celebrate National Black Cat Day. We were sadly surprised to learn that both black cats and black dogs are overlooked in shelters when people are looking to adopt. We want to share some black cat history. In ancient Egypt cats, especially black cats, were revered. It was in the mid 15th century (or thereabouts) that black cats came to be regarded as “bad luck.” They were considered to be the “familiars” of “witches” and that fed into the notion that black cats were not as lovable, unique, beautiful and snuggly as their non-black furred counterparts.

If you’re considering adopting a black, or any colored cat, here are some tips to make it a great experience:

  1. Have a veterinarian check out your new furry family member.
  2. Ask your vet whether your pet should be microchipped.
  3. Make certain your new furry family member is up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed or neutered if they’re old enough.
  4. Cat-proof your home. Just as you’d pick up your expensive shoes so the new puppy doesn’t chew them, you will want to cat-proof the house. Make sure no strings are hanging down from any blinds or curtains, keep the bathroom door closed (cats love to unravel toilet paper), keep the toilet seat down as many cats love to splash in the water and that could be dangerous.
  5. Give your cat toys to keep her busy. Look for made in the USA products and plan to spend time playing with your new kitty — they love interacting with their humans.
  6. Make sure your cat has high spaces where he can retreat to “get away from it all” if he needs to.
  7. Feed high quality foods and treats.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… make time to snuggle your kitty, scratch her belly, rub her fuzzy cheeks and lie around on the couch, bed or chair just spending time together. They love that!

Oh, on a side note… These tips above are for all cats. Cats of every stripe and color. Do you share your life with a black cat? Show us on our Crimeless Cat Facebook page and your cat could be named the Supermodel Cat of The Week!

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