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Pet Calendar: National Pet Fire Safety

pet fire safety

Pet Calendar: National Pet Fire Safety

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

It’s a startling statistic: Close to 50,000 pets die in house fires every year.

As a way to raise awareness and reduce the number of pets lost, ADT Security Services and the American Kennel Club have designated July 15 as “National Pet Fire Safety Day.” This is a day set aside to raise national awareness for pet owners about the potential risks their pets face if they’re left home alone and a fire breaks out. The day is also designed to provide tips and prevention measures to help your beloved pets survive.

How can you protect your pet from a home fire?

pet fire safety

Preventing a fire from occurring is the natural first step, but in addition to that you need to help raise the odds that any firefighter that comes to your home is equipped to rescue your pet if your home catches on fire. This starts by making them aware that there are pets inside.

Here are some other tips to keep your pets safe:

If they’re crated when you’re gone, keep them by exits. If you’re not at home and your pets are in their crates, make certain they are close to exits or a window to make it easier for them to be rescued by firefighters.

Keep leashes and collars close. If you remove your pet’s collar when he is kenneled, keep the leash and collar next to the crate so the firefighter can easily rescue him.

If you have puppies and kittens, it is important they are all corralled in one area. Don’t let puppies and kittens wander the home while you’re gone. It’s wise to keep them in a specific area when you’re home or sleeping in case there is a fire. It will be easier to rescue them if you know where they are.

Check your smoke detectors. The first step in preventing a house fire or stopping one when it starts is to have working smoke detectors. If you work outside the home and your pets are home alone frequently, it might make sense to invest in a monitored smoke detector that connects to a monitoring center so emergency responders can be contacted when you’re not at home.

Use window clings. When a firefighter comes to you home and sees a pet alert window cling, he or she will know how many pets are indoors and what species. Make certain the clings are kept up to date with the number and species of pets you have in the home. You can purchase these clings at most pet stores.

Have contact info available. If your pets have tags with their names and your phone number, make certain this information is up to date so you can be contacted if there is a home fire when you’re not there. Make it easy for firefighters to get in touch when they’re rescuing your pets.

July 15, 2019 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, but the tips offered here are crucial year-round. Take some time to assure your pets would be able to be easily rescued in the event of a home fire.

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