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Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety Month

Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety Month

As pet parents we do our best to feed our pets — dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. — the healthiest diet we can and that’s why in our pet calendar: pet food safety month is important. Actually it’s food safety month for humans, but let’s face it — our pets are our family!

When you become a pet parent you need to assure your pet will be healthy for a lifetime and one way to do that is to assure he is eating a healthy diet. We also know when you go online or into a pet store that the choices on the shelves are overwhelming! Ask your veterinarian what food he or she recommends.

  1. Does your pet have specific dietary requirements?
  2. Is she overweight?
  3. A large breed?
  4. A small breed?
  5. Senior?
  6. Puppy?
  7. Active or couch potato?
  8. What kind of protein do you want your dog to have? Beef, turkey, kangaroo? The choices are mind-boggling.

Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety MonthStarting with a vet recommendation is a great way to help narrow down your options.

Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety Month

Why should you worry about what your pet eats? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. You want him to be healthy
  2. You want him to be happy
  3. You want her to have unique dietary needs met

There are a myriad more and you know your pet best!

In addition to feeding your pup a healthy meal, what else can you do to keep him healthy for a lifetime? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Snuggle together
  3. Train your dog — it’s a great way to bond
  4. Get annual veterinarian check-ups
  5. Give her some new toys
  6. Make sure he has a comfortable bed and a warm (non drafty) place to sleep
  7. Socialization matters
  8. Make sure your pup is on a leash so he doesn’t get hurt when you’re in unfamiliar — non-fenced places.

What are your favorite ways to keep your dog healthy and happy? Share in the comments!

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