July Pet Calendar

Pet Calendar: Pet Hydration Awareness Month

PetSafe understands the importance of keeping our pets hydrated so they have named July as “National Pet Hydration Awareness Month.” In many parts of the country, July is the hottest month of the year and states across the country have also been plagued with hotter-than-usual temperatures for the past few months and there appears to be no end in sight. Because of this, pet parents need to be aware of the amount of water their pets drink.

PetSafe writes in a blog post, “Proper hydration is critical and dehydration has serious and immediate health risks in humans and pets… most pet owners are unaware that their pet’s bodies are made up of a higher water percentage than their own human bodies.” Understand the signs of pet dehydration. Better yet, make sure your pets have access to water all day, every day.

Pet Calendar: Pet Hydration Awareness Month

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It’s important to assure your dogs and cats (and feral cats and even wildlife) have access to fresh water each and every day. In the heat of the summer months that is more important for the health of your dogs and cats.

Here are ways to assure your dogs and cats drink enough water.

  1. Give them ice cubes to chew on. You can even freeze some of their favorite kibble or even chopped up fruits and/or vegetables in the water, freeze and give them to enjoy.
  2. Fill their water bowls and put in a bit of beef or other broth to flavor it and get them to drink. Make sure you use low sodium broths.
  3. Keep track of how often you’re filling the water bowls. If you notice the bowls aren’t getting emptied, you may need to talk with your vet to assure your dog or cat is drinking enough.
  4. Many animals like to drink running water and that’s why fountain water bowls are ideal.
  5. Change the water frequently.
  6. If your dog is outside make sure there is always fresh water within reach.

What do you do to assure your dog and cat is getting enough water?

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