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Pet Calendar: Puppy Mill Awareness Week

Mother’s Day is a time when we celebrate the bond between mother and child. Mother’s Day is also a time when pet parents celebrate the loving bond they have with their pets. Let’s face it, many of us treat our pets like they are our children –especially if you’re in an empty nest situation! In addition to Mother’s Day (May 14) being right around the corner, and so is Puppy Mill Action Week.puppy mill action week

How can we draw a connection between Puppy Mill Action Week and Mother’s Day? Because, as pet lovers we think of the puppy mill mother who lives her life in a cramped wire cage giving birth to litter after litter of puppies who are taken from her. She lives her life in a cage until she can no longer breed and then her life is either tragically and sometimes brutally ended or if she is one of the few fortunate ones, she will be rescued and will live what remains of her life in the loving arms of a family who rescued her.

Pet Calendar: Puppy Mill Awareness Week

It breaks our hearts that these mother dogs rarely have the opportunity to experience unconditional love and joy.

Puppy Mill Action Week, is an initiative of the Humane Society of the United States, and aimes to educate and shine a spotlight on the plight of the more than two million dogs born annually to puppy mill mothers. These puppies are taken from their mothers and usually will end up for sale in a pet store. These puppy mill puppies are, in many instances, prone to illness or disease and their lives are sometimes not as long as they should be.

Puppy Mill Action Week wants to raise awarness of the fact that “95 percent of people in the United States are still unaware that close to 100 percent of puppies purchased in a pet store began their lives in the brutal conditions of a puppy mill.”

Puppy Mill Action Week wants to encourage hope for a better tomorrow for puppy mill mothers and their puppies. The week aims to promote pet adoption and to putting an end to unlicensed breeding for the sake of a profit.

We urge you to adopt, don’t shop. Take a moment this week to take action on the plight of puppy mill puppies and their mothers.

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