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Pet Calendar: Senior Pet Month

celebrating senior pets

Pet Calendar: Senior Pet Month

Love comes in all shapes and sizes when you’re a pet lover. Love also comes in all ages — from kittens to senior cats from puppies to senior dogs. No matter the age or species of the pet you fall in love with, consider adopting a senior pet. Why?

Here are some of the reasons to love a senior pet:

  1. You know what their personality is
  2. They are housebroken
  3. Chances are, they won’t chew your shoes or your newspaper
  4. They are calmer than their younger brethren
  5. A senior pet has so much love to give
  6. You could be saving the life of a pet in a shelter; seniors are passed over for puppies and kittens
  7. A senior dog will love to take long walks on the beach or in the woods or go for a long car ride
  8. A senior dog will snuggle on the couch when the day is done and you just want a friend
  9. You can teach your old dog new tricks
  10. You know that the senior dog isn’t going to grow any larger than he is
  11. If you adopt a senior cat your curtains will remain on the windows
  12. A senior cat won’t attack your feet under the blankets… well, maybe they will!
  13. A senior cat is more likely to curl up into your lap for a nap and a snuggle than will a rambunctious kitten
  14. A senior pet is a great pet for a senior citizen who is looking for companionship but not all of the work that is necessary with a puppy or a kitten

We’d love to see pictures of your senior pets. Share your senior cat pictures on our Crimeless Cat Facebook page. Share your senior dog pictures on our Positively Woof Facebook page. The ASPCA has a great article about November and senior pet adoption month.

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