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Pet Calendar: Take Your Cat To Work Day

Pet Calendar: June 20 is Take Your Cat To Work Day

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Take Your Cat To Work Day grew out of the popular Take Your Dog To Work Week/Day and is promoted (and loved!) by cat lovers and cat parents who work!

Are all cats suited to a trip to the office and a day spent in the office? Probably not. How will you know if your cat is ready for the office? Only you can tell whether he or she has the personality to enjoy a day away from home and a day in the office. You are the best decision-maker on whether your cat will enjoy the oohhs and aaahhhs his presence at the office will elicit.

take your cat to work day

Pet Calendar: Take Your Cat To Work Day

Plan for office success with your cat by doing these few things:

  1. Make sure they are wearing a collar with a name tag and your contact information, this is especially important if your cat isn’t microchipped. In an unfamiliar location, you simply don’t know how your cat will react and you need to assure she is as safe as can be.
  2. Don’t forget to bring a litter box. Your cat will likely need to relieve herself at some point during the day and you need to be prepared. Bring a litter box and a litter your cat is familiar with; more importantly, though, have a space you can put the litter box that won’t be in the way, won’t bother co-workers who may not appreciate seeing (or smelling) a litter box.
  3. Bring food and water and dishes as well as a few of your cat’s favorite toys or blanket or whatever he or she may find comfort in when in an unfamiliar location.

Will you be taking your cat to work? We’d love to see photos! Share them on our Crimeless Cat Facebook page.

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Friday, June 24 is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Share your dog at work photos with us on Positively Woof‘s Facebook page.


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