January Pet Calendar At A Glance

Pet Calendar: Train Your Dog Month Puppy Tips

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Pet Calendar: Train Your Dog Month Puppy Tips

As January continues we reached out and interviewed Clare Reece-Glore from YAY Dog about the firs steps a pet parent shoudl take when bringing home a new puppy. Should the new pet parent train him right away, let him “be a puppy” or will training from the get-go help the puppy be a good family member from the start.

Clare said one of the most important things to do is to “get to know your puppy as an individual. Some may be bold, others quiet.” Just as humans have different personalities, so do dogs.

Pet Calendar: Train Your Dog Month Puppy Tips

“Of course you will be head over heels in love with this new little one — puppy breath and cuteness and all,” she said. “But if you take steps from day one to teach your puppy good manners, you are setting the foundation for a wonderful life together.”

She said that crate training is a good idea because, “it is hard to completely puppy-proof a house.” The crate, Clare said, when introduced well, can become a haven for the dog. “It is not a punishment,” she said.

Another way to train your puppy to be a great family member is by diverting him when he bites. “If he bites, have toys he likes and calmly substitute a toy.” (for the body part of yours he is nibbling on!)

Housetraining, which can sometimes take up to three months, is something that new pet parents face. Clare said, “Keep the puppy close to you for housetraining. Reward the good efforts outside. Don’t punish for accidents; if you do you may create a dog who just hides his accidents from you.”

As a trainer, she urges pet parents to find one who specializes in training puppies and in finding a trainer you like, trust and feel comfortable with.

Training can be fun and should be something that both you and your puppy look forward to. Larry Kay, co-author of “Training The Best Dog Ever: A Five-Week Program Using The Power Of Positive Reinforcement” said, “Reward the good behavior. Don’t reward behaviors you don’t want your dog to exhibit.” He added, “Training a dog is a bonding experience for pet parent and dog. Enjoy it!”

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Photo of Clare Reece-Glore from her website which you can check out here.

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