February Pet Calendar

Pet Calendar: Walk Your Dog Day

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Pet Calendar: Walk Your Dog Day

Everyone who owns a dog knows that in order to prevent “accidents” in the house you walk your dog every day — multiple times a day, right?

On February 22, though, we take time to celebrate a walk with your dog that is more about fun, exercise and bonding than it is to visit Mother Nature!

If you live in an area of the country that is still in the deep freeze of winter you will need to take measures to assure your dog is safe from any cold, snow or ice melting salt on the steps or walkways. A smaller or short-haired dog may need a jacket, depending on the temperature. Your dog may benefit from a paw balm to protect their delicate paws from the ice melting salt or the ice and snow — no matter the size of your dog a balm will protect his or her paws.

What are some benefits of walking your dog? Here are a few we’ve come up with. 

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s good exercise for you and your dog
  3. It’s a great way to relieve the stresses of the day
  4. If you have a high energy dog, a long walk or a run will tire him out and a tired dog is a happy dog!
  5. It’s a great way to keep your dog’s weight in check
  6. If your dog is healthy enough for a walk, he will enjoy the sights, sounds and smells
  7. Explore a new area — the woods, a dog park, a stroll through a quiet cemetary

If you don’t have a dog, go to your local shelter and volunteer to walk the dogs. They (the shelter workers AND the dogs will thank you for your generosity. Dogs in shelters don’t usually get to go for a walk and you’d be making them so happy!

Are you going to take your dog for a walk today? Show us a photo!

Check out the February Pet Calendar for inspiration and ideas for ways to celebrate your bond with your pet!

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