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Pet Calendar: World Pet Memorial Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Pet Calendar: World Pet Memorial Day ~ June 11

It’s an fact that not many pet parents want to face but from the moment we welcome a new pet into our lives and into our hearts, there will come that day when we will need to say good-bye and allow them to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The pain of loss is so strong that we wonder how we will get through. We also know that the strength of that pain highlights the strength of the love we had in our hearts for our furry, scaled, finned and feathered friends.

Looking back at photos of the times we’ve shared with our pets and at the special moments and the comfort and joy they brought gives us the memories that will warm us and keep our hearts full when they are no longer physically with us.

Please enjoy this video we made to mark Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day — it is appropriate for all of us who are grieving a pet, who have grieved the loss of a companion.

The second Sunday in June is designated World Pet Memorial Day and is a time to look back on the joy the pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge provided us and to look forward to making lives better for those pets still seeking forever homes.

To honor a pet who has physically left you, but who will forever reside in your heart, take some time today and volunteer at a shelter. Offer some much needed love to an animal awaiting his or her forever home. If you’ve lost a pet and have been waiting for the perfect time to open your heart again, today just might be the day.

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