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April Is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Pet Firs Aid Trainer, Denise Fleck

Pet First Aid Trainer, Denise Fleck

Since April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, please read this short article and make at least a small commitment to learn something about pet first aid this month (the sooner the better). Every day, pet owners are suddenly faced with saving their pet’s life or caring for ordinary bumps and scrapes.

With the help of my trusted colleague, Denise Fleck, who I consider to be one of the national experts on dog first aid, here are some quick tips on Pet First Aid.

PET FIRST AID TIP #1: Know where your nearest pet emergency facility is, and practice driving there. Post the E.R.’s phone number and hours of operation in a place you’ll remember immediately. Program the phone number on your cell phone.

PET FIRST AID TIP #2: Have your first aid kit in one place. Here is a $10 list of essential first aid kit items: hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting), eye wash, gauze squares and rolls, flex wrap bandage, first aid cream (such as antiobiotic), flex wrap bandage, benadryl (for allergic reactions), and antacid (for tummy trouble).

Denise’s website features a number of first aid kit options.

PS – Benadryl dosage – here is an article:

PET FIRST AID TIP #3: Learn the “Hurry Cases”  – That’s the first aid term for going into immediate action in order to save a life.

Denise demonstrates the Heimlich Maneuver for dogs

Denise demonstrates the Heimlich Maneuver for dogs

CHOKING is the number one cause of accidental death. Watch Denise demonstrate the Heimlich Maneuver for large dogs, and small dogs and cats.

BLOAT can be fatal in 20 minutes. Rush your dog immediately to the nearest pet E.R. Here is a video to help you recognize bloat symptoms.

CPR for stopped heartbeat. State-of-the-art CPR on pets is now called CPCR (Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral Rescue). Do 30 chest compressions per minute and 2 breaths., according to the AVMA. That method will literally help push the blood into the system, especially to the brain.

Other hurry cases that you need to respond to immediately are: Rescue breathing, severe bleeding, Poisoning, and Shock.

HELP SPREAD THE GOOD WORD – EMMA ZEN FOUNDATION – Please become a Facebook Friend and Share the posts of The Emma Zen Foundation, which is dedicated to pet safety. One of the organization’s campaigns is to raise funds for pet oxygen masks and donate them to fire departments and rescue organizations. Pet oxygen masks are shaped differently than human oxygen masks.

Emma Zen Foundation - donates pet oxygen masks to fire departments and disaster relief programs.

Emma Zen Foundation – donates pet oxygen masks to fire departments and disaster relief programs.

Thanks for reading. Good human.

Larry Kay

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