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Dog Rescue Stories: Sash the Nanny Dog!!


Sash the Staffie came into her forever family’s life quite by surprise and they are so glad she did!

Her previous owner was a victim of severe domestic violence and sadly, Sash was also bullied and attacked. Her former mom tried to get Sash to safety, and into a new home while their abuser was away at work, but no one would take her. Her new mom found out about an abused dog that needed a home, and as a family, they agreed to give Sash her forever home…and they have never looked back!!

Sash is a gentle, happy and caring dog. Her forever family would not be complete without her. Even after being abused, she just wants to be loved and to show love. Sash is especially good with children and really earns her nickname, “the nanny dog!” A true ambassador for the breed!

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