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Pet Rescue Stories: Wrigley the Rescue Is So Thankful For His Second Mom!

WrigleyWrigley is a year old, and lives in Gilbert, Arizona.  Wrigley found his forever home with his second, forever mom in September of 2015. Sadly, Wrigley’s first mom had to re-home him because her dad had cancer, and she couldn’t properly love and care for Wrigley anymore.  Wrigley was adopted after 3 weeks, and while it was an adjustment for him, he is thriving in his forever home. However, Wrigley does suffer from severe separation anxiety and gets very scared when he’s left by himself.  Wrigley has trained to become a therapy dog, and no longer has to be separated from his mom when she leaves the house.

Wrigley loves playing fetch, going on walks, cuddling, and posing for pictures for his Instagram account!

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Such a happy boy ❤️

A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

When Wrigley wants to play and Holly doesn’t!

A video posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

Time to get vaccinated! ????????????

A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

This is my cousin, Lexi. She tolerates me. ????

A video posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

I’m starting to think that I am photogenic! ????????

A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

Petrified forest! I found out that I LOVE to climb!!

A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_therescue) on

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