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Pit Bull Awareness Month: Education is the Key to Pinups for Pitbulls’ Mission!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Deirdre Franklin started Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. because she was nervous about Breed Specific Legislation coming to her front door. It was in 2005, when Denver was rounding up registered family dogs labeled as “pit bulls” and euthanizing them. She wanted to help shed light on this disgusting practice, while also taking the opportunity to empower people with science-based facts about these great dogs. Pinups for Pitbulls (PFPB) is a registered 501(c)3 non profit. The organization has built an incredible social media network that they use to affect change positively for dogs in need. Deirdre and her team work with hundreds of rescues/shelters and individuals, nationally and internationally. They offer courtesy posts for all dogs in need and have helped place approximately 1000 dogs per year into foster or permanent homes through their network. PFPB has a dedicated social media person in charge of tracking and assisting with these posts, and they are very proud of this additional feature that they have in place. By using their large network, PFPB can help ensure that more dogs find homes.  Additionally, PFPB’s relationships with their calendar models reach far beyond simply a volunteer-based relationship. Many of them run or work with organizations. For example, this year, they have representatives from Bark Nation (MI), My Pit Bull is Family (MN), and Merit Pit Bull Foundation (NC).grocery_web
One of the most wonderful stories from their 2017 calendar shoots this year involved a volunteer and model, Amanda B. She was en route to her shoot with her dog, Roco, from Florida to Philadelphia, where the shoots take place. On the way, she found a stray dog. That dog was flea ridden, starving and scared. She and her husband pulled off the road to catch him. She texted Deirdre to see if PFPB knew of a rescue in the area that could help. PFPB’s friends at Merit Pit Bull Foundation called around, as well. Amanda and her husband stopped at an emergency vet to scan the dog for a chip. No chip, no collar. They then spent their own money to vet him. They put info out to all of the local shelters and groups but he went unclaimed. He was left in boarding at the vet’s office while Amanda, her husband, and Roco traveled to Philly for their shoot. At the end of the shoot,  PFPB had their annual family picnic. At the picnic, Amanda talked to a Philly-based volunteer, Marlisa, who was conveniently looking to add another pup to her pack. Fast forward to a month later…Marlisa met Amanda in Savannah, GA and the lost pup, now named Rudy, found his forever home!img00363
Deirdre’s dog, Carla Lou, is the inspiration behind Pinups for Pitbulls. She passed in 2012 but lived to be eighteen years old. She was a pit bull type dog that Deirdre had adopted, sight unseen, from a rescue in Texas. Deirdre currently has a pit bull type dog named Baxter Bean (aka Beanicio Del Toro) and a Harrier Mix named Zoe (aka Officer Zoe Z.)  Baxter Bean is a foster failure. He had been set on fire or possibly had a caustic chemical poured over his entire back from the base of his neck to his chunky little thighs. This occurred when he was less than five months old. Deirdre fostered him for the rescue that she worked with at the time and just could not let him go. He is now eleven years old and loves living in the Blue Ridge Mountains where he gets to hike, watch wildlife, and snuggle by the fire comfortably. His best friend, Officer Zoe Z., is almost seventeen years old. They are inseparable.

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Deirdre wants people to know that there is no such thing as a breed known as “pit bull”. There are three purebred groups that fall under the category “pit bull”, but regardless, the most important fact is that all dogs are individuals. Pit bull type dogs are Deirdre’s favorite type of dog but she loves and advocates for ALL dogs. Deirdre’s new book, ‘The Pit Bull Life’ comes out November 22nd and will help arm future and current dog owners with incredible facts about pit bull type dogs, including their history and their future. The dogs that she has come to know as pit bull types are all lovable, silly, heavy (they like to sit on your lap!), and most of all, they’re dogs like any other. They need love, food, shelter, and fun. Don’t we all?
PFPB has an incredible following. Their social media network is exceptional and their fans and volunteers are so dedicated to their mission. They cannot do their work without everyone’s help. PFPB has teams of volunteers in over twenty states and are actively working to cover the entire U.S. and beyond. Their annual model call for their pin-up calendar is their main fundraiser and helps to spread their mission globally each year. People can order the calendar through their website while supplies last. The 2018 model call will open later in the winter. Joining the PFPB e-newsletter is the best way to get first notice of the call opening to the public. Anyone can contact PFPB throughout the year to become a volunteer.img01555
People can get involved with PFPB in countless ways! They keep their doors open and love to share their mission with the world. PFPB has male and female volunteers in multiple parts of the country and they’re always looking to add more! Anyone interested in getting involved can sign up through their website contact form. You can also print resources from the PFPB site and hand them out as needed. PFPB loves when people share their mission through their social media and of course, they love meeting people in person at the events that they attend throughout the country. Check out their website’s events page to see where PFPB will be next. If they are not in your region, it’s a great chance to become a team leader and start a team! PFPB treats their volunteers like chosen family and they love expanding their mission with every chance that they can get.

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From the @montrealspca As you well know, the Montreal SPCA has done everything possible over the past weeks to convince Mayor Denis Coderre to give up the idea of targeting specific types or breeds of dogs in his new animal control by-law. You gave us a hand by supporting and sharing Despite our best efforts, City Council adopted the by-law last night. This will immediately make it impossible for hundreds of harmless, healthy dogs to find a family to adopt them. In the medium term, they will be put to death as a result. This makes absolutely no sense. Mayor Denis Coderre refuses to hear reason. He refuses to consider expert opinions stating that: “pit-bull type dogs” are NOT more dangerous than other large dogs; banning and targeting “pit-bull type dogs” would NOT increase public safety. We have therefore decided to take the matter to court. (Read Press Release) -site isn’t loading FYI. This morning, the Montreal SPCA filed a lawsuit against the city and has made an application to the Quebec Superior Court to suspend application of the by-law sections and then have them declared illegal, null and without effect. Please follow this issue as we keep you posted of the latest developments. Your support in these last few weeks has been incomparable. Being able to count on supporters like you gives us the courage to see this through. Thank you. Image and hashtags from @pinupsforpitbullsinc not MSPCA. #endbsl #supportmspca #pinupsforpitbulls #bancoderre Photo by @micahmack76 of @upthepups and @50facesofbaxter

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New Orleans, LA! This Friday through Sunday, September 23-25, meet 2017 Pin-Up Savannah H. @savannahjhowell & the @pinupsforpitbullsinc team for New Orleans Bike Week 2016! The event is a fundraiser for Disabled American Vets New Orleans Chapter @daveterans New Orleans Chapter as well as the SBP @sbpusa (fka St. Bernard Project) who will be donating money towards the rebuilding of veteran Theo Watson’s home which was destroyed in the recent floods. Come join the rally with vendors, food, fun rides, and music. Don’t miss it and come see us! See full details at #pinupsforpitbullsinc #pinupsforpitbulls #pinups4pitbulls #501c3 #itsallforyoucarlalou #charityorganization #pitbulls #ilovepitbulls #pitbull #pitbullcharity #louisiana #takemyleashnotmylife #stopbsl #fightbsl #outlawbsl #littledarling #neworleans #littledarlingspinupsforpitbulls #pitbullsrock #pibble #pibbles #pfpb #pinup #model #pinupmodel #pinupstyle #pinupmodels #pitbulladvocate #dogadvocate

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This is a courtesy post for Billy, our featured #PitBullFlowerPower Friday, dog! Billy is part of @SophieGamand Photography’s campaign! Billy is available for adoption through @Reefuge Animal Rescue in New York! To meet him, please fill out an application at Thank you. Pinups For Pitbulls, Inc. is excited to show support to award-winning Sophie Gamand’s #PitBullFlowerPower campaign. The series has been hugely successful and responsible for many adoptions, but some of the flower models are still waiting for that special home! So each Friday, we will crosspost Sophie’s Flower Power images with information to adopt the model, to help her further her mission. With our combined audiences and missions, we are excited to help give these long time shelter dogs even more exposure to help them find their forever families. Billy: Reefuge Animal Rescue, New York IG: @reefugerescue Meet Billy! Billy is obedient, charming, and a big mush. This sweet, sweet boy has been waiting in limbo for a year. His owner did not have the means to keep him anymore, especially after Billy faced a couple of health issues. So he agreed to transfer Billy to a rescue. ReeFuge has nurtured Billy back to health and he is SO ready for the new chapter in his life!! They are looking for an adopter or a long term foster home. There is a lucky family out there for this boy! Let’s find it! Billy is up-to-date on his vaccines, neutered and microchipped. Application, home visit, contract and adoption fee required. To meet him, please fill out an application: For more information on the artist or the campaign please see the links below! Flower power page: Facebook: @Sophie Gamand Photography ( Instagram and Twitter: @SophieGamand ( #Pinupsforpitbulls #takemyleashnotmylife #alldogsaremagical #reefugerescue #sophiegamand

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