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Pit Bull Awareness Month: 93 Stories & 3 Videos

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Every October is National Pit Bull Month Awareness Month, and Positively Woof celebrates all things Pit Bull all month long!  Our dog rescue stories focus on precious, adopted “pibbles.” We highlight organizations and companies that are inspired by, raise awareness for, and give back to Pit Bulls and other bully breeds in need.

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Rebecca Corry, Angel, and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation: We start our celebration by highlighting the work of an amazing Pit Bull advocate, Rebecca Corry, Angerl (her furbaby and inspiration), and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

Nair and Bjorn: “When animal-lover and designer Kimberly Spector rescued her dog Mowgli from the street, she never dreamed it would lead her to saving other animals and gifting celebrities at Hollywood’s most prominent awards gift lounges.”

Luvabullz & Co:  Danie’s love for her dogs inspired her to start Luvabullz & Co, a small business that gives back to the rescue community.  Meet Rajah, Twixie, and Ceniza, and learn how becoming a Pit Bull parent has changed her life.

Project Blue Collar and Pittie 2020:  Project Blue Collar launched Pittie 2020 to improve the public’s vision of pit bulls.

SoCal Pit Bull Team:  SoCal Pit Bull Team’s vision is of a world in which pit bulls and their families are treated fairly, and without discrimination.

Barx + Blooms:  Their Flower Collars reflect the kindness and beauty of Pit Bulls and combat the fear-based assumptions about this special breed.

Tooth & Honey:  Ally wanted to find a way to give back to animals and rescues, so she started Tooth & Honey. Now, she and her customers and fans help spread pawsitive pit bull vibes!

Pinups for Pitbulls:  Deidre Franklin started PFPB because she was nervous about BSL coming to her front door.

Pibblemart:  After adopting Angus, Kim made it her mission  to educate others about bully breeds.

The Pit Bull Princess:  Nancy started The Pit Bull Princess to promote the image of pit bulls as happy, loving, family pets.pbo-orgs-2

Dog Park Publishing:  Dog Park Publishing showcases and celebrates dogs, pit bulls in particular, through their calendars and products as majestic, affectionate and intelligent animals!

Pittie Chicks:  Jessica Siegfried started The Pittie Chicks because she wanted cute looks for “chicks who love pits” that represented the sweetness of pit bull type dogs.

Rescue Strong:  Rescue Strong is a lifestyle brand focused on rescue, advocacy, and giving back.

LARPBO – Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners:  LARPBO’s mission is to join together in group activities, events, pit bull advocacy, training classes and community outreach in order to promote a positive image of all “bully” breeds.

LARPBO Success Stories:  Every weekend, LARPBO dogs and their humans take group classes to achieve their Canine Good Citizen Certificates.  They are determined to show the public how amazing and loving pit bulls are.



Karma:  “She was terribly abused, was extremely malnourished, her teeth were all broken and rotten and she had a fractured spine.”

Mos:  Don’t rule out a senior dog —  they have so much love and joy to give.

Max:  “Max has shown nothing but forgiveness and love to a world that wasn’t so kind to him in the beginning.”

A Vet’s Experience With Pit Bulls: “Evaluating each dog individually is hugely important for giving them as fair an opportunity as possible to find a good home.”

Beau:  “Beau taught me the importance of being present, staying calm, slowing down, laughing often, and loving easily.”

Luna: “She lit up my life during one of the darkest times, and she continues to inspire me each and every day.”

Remus:  “Upon walking in, she was of course heart broken at the number of dogs in need of a home, but she was even more saddened by the large number of the Pit Bull type dogs, specifically.”

Hammy:  It all started by following dog accounts on Instagram, and then before she knew it, she was learning about rescues, adoptions, dog fighting, and speaking up for all of the sweet pups out there with no home and no love.

Stella: “Then I felt a huge pull to adopt a pit bull, and that’s how Stella entered our life.”

Skye:  ” Skye’s forever parents get so many compliments about what a great dog she is and how she has changed peoples minds about Pit Bull type dogs.”

Calista:  The first time Calista’s parents saw her, they were amazed that she was alive.  Despite being bred and used in dog fighting, Calista learned to trust again.

Five Sets of Pawesome: Fast forward four years — Paul and Kim have fostered over 200 dogs, have 5 of their own, and wouldn’t trade a single second of it!

Rosie:  The day Sandra rescued Rosie was the day she decided she wouldn’t kill herself.

Justice and Murphy:  They each suffered from their own physical and emotional issues..but are thriving in their forever home!

Logan:  They deemed him unadoptable but because Pit Bulls were illegal in the county, they could not adopt him out. Logan was “Rescue Only”, meaning that they could only release him to a rescue organization.

Reuben:  Reuben had the scars of past abuse: a tail that was broken in too many places to count, a scar over his left eye that speaks of a healed, deep gash.

Rosie:  Her foster family has no idea how long Rosie will be with them, but they plan to spoil her for as long as she lets them!

Hank and Hana:  “Her parents didn’t really have any feelings one way or the other about the Pit Bull “thing”. They knew they had a bad rap, but they didn’t REALLY get it.”

Gus:  Gus had a ruff start in life. Now, he makes friends wherever he goes!!!

Beau:  “Bill asked him what kind of dog he should get that won’t bite his daughter or any one else. His answer…a Pit Bull.”

Ruby:  Ruby’s mouth was wrapped shut by her previous owner. Now, she can’t stop smiling in her forever home!

Biggie Smalls:  Biggie Smalls’ unconditional love reminds his parents to respect, give to, and rescue those in need.

Boyd:  “Sarah and Boyd do what they can to change any negativity associated with pit bulls — you know, the dogs with the big heads and even BIGGER hearts.”

Boss and Tank:  Boss and Tank were saved from death row at the same high kill shelter. Now, they’re amazing breed ambassadors!

Ruca:  Ruca is one of the happiest pups you’ll meet!

Big Daddy Bubbs:  Big Daddy Bubbs and his forever mom are changing the public’s perception of pit bulls…one person at a time!

Bentley:  Bentley used to fend for himself. Now, his furever mom treats him like a King!

Liam:  Liam, once a foster pup himself, is now an amazing foster brother to other rescue dogs!

Bentley: Bentley hasn’t let having only three legs slow him down one bit!

pbo-dogs-2Dulce:  Dulce was paralyzed and had to drag herself down the streets of Tijuana before she was rescued.

Big Sil:  One of Big Sil’s goals is to resurrect positivity toward Pit Bulls. Featuring a lovable Pit Bull character prominently in a children’s book which is read at an early age can actively start to instill change.

Jayd:  In October of 2016, Montreal passed a BSL law. This law endangered hundreds of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs.

Owen:  Owen helped connect his mom with an amazing community of rescue advocates who strive to show the world how sweet pit bulls are!

Rocco: “His ears were up, his eyes focused, and you could tell he was furiously wagging his tail as if he was saying, I WANT THAT ONE.”

Strutter:  Strutter hid behind a chair the first time he met his furever mom.

Rascal: Rascal is an amazing dog, and his pawrents are forever grateful that they were able to rescue him, and at the same time, he was able to rescue them.

Tembo and Laika: I remember them asking “would you adopt a Pit Bull?” “Sure!” I said, “as long as they are a great dog.”

Maddie:  She was pregnant and roaming the streets.

Simon:  “Simon’s eyebrows have opened many people’s eyes to see the positive in what may have been perceived as negative.”

Lolita:  She is a special girl and is the perfect example of what a true pit bull is: snuggly, full of kisses and a dog that just wants to be loved!

George:  George and his eight siblings were born in a kill shelter.

Ginger:  Ginger and her brother had been confiscated from a man who was breeding his dogs to sell the puppies, but then left the puppies in the front yard to die when he realized they were all sick.

Penny Pig:  Penny Pig was completely shut down in the shelter.

Uli:  Uli is a true fighter.

Kaia:  Kaia licked her way into her forever pawrents’ hearts!

Bo:  Bo’s family met him while volunteering at Lots O Spots Acres…and they couldn’t imagine him being adopted by anyone else!

Malibu:  Christine continued to walk Malibu for 6 months, rain or shine, until she was able to find another rescue to take her under their wing.

Ladybug: Once out of her kennel at the shelter, Ladybug brought tears to her forever mom’s eyes.

Putty:  Putty was rescued just in the nick of time!

Sydney:   Sydney is so full of love and her furever family feels so blessed to have rescued her!!

Chaplin:  Chaplin has been an amazing foster brother to nine rescue pups over the last year.

Bug:  The rescue organization was concerned that Bug was a Pit Bull “type”, so she was kept in kennels under a strict “no contact” policy until assessment.

pbo-dogs-3Dawkins:  Dawkins’ parents wanted their first baby to be a rescued fur-baby!

Popeye:  Kara’s previous furbaby, Reaper, sent Popeye her way.

Millie:  “She is the pawfect advocate for how loving and good pitbulls are.”

Zoe:  Nira always knew she wanted to adopt a pit bull…and she found her perfect furbaby in Zoe!

Trinity:  Trinity may have lost a toe, but she gained a forever family.

Felon:  Unfortunately, Felon was brought up in the dog fighting world.  He has scarring on 60% of his body.

Howard:  Howard’s mom is a pit bull and rescue advocate.  She knows that these misunderstood pups need us to be their voice.

Dexter and Charley:  Dexter and Charley are inseparable!

Pebbles and Nyla:  They were so young and had already been through so much.

Lilly Bug:  Hannah’s parents did not want to take her to the shelter for fear that she would be put down because of her breed.

Baby and Sky: Baby was abandoned as a puppy, and Sky was struggling to walk.  Both now live with two other fur siblings in their forever home!

Hooch and Gus:  These loving, rescued pit bull brothers have an amazing bond.

Alexander and Caesar:  Alexander and Caesar are both big babies, who just want to love and BE loved!

Doogie:   He frequently accompanies Brittany to work at the shelter, where he is an honorary employee!

Murphy:  After being abandoned several times, Murphy finally found his loving, forever home.

Brooklyn:   Brookyln and her forever mom met on Halloween!

Monkey:  When Amy adopted Monkey, she discovered something deeply special in this fur-baby: the sweetest, best natured dog with the most intensely emotional eyes Amy has ever met.

Rylee:  A good human was walking down the street when she saw a car slow down. The driver opened the door and threw a month-old puppy from the moving car.

Pixie:  Even though she had a terrible start to life, she is an extremely sweet and playful girl who adored her fur-brother Frosty and her human sister, Emily.

Allie:  Unfortunately, she was at the shelter for almost 7 months because she did not show nor behave well in the kennel environment, and was intimidatingly vocal with other dogs.

Toby:  It is because of Toby that his good human has become very involved in shelter work and fostering other dogs in need!

Halsey:  Tyler proceeded to visit with the other three dogs, who were all amazing, but he couldn’t shake the connection he had first made with Halsey!

Lia:  Lia’s pawrents took her for a walk, and then adopted her that same day.

Tucker:  Tucker has taught me not to judge a dog by its looks and I have since become a HUGE “bully breed” advocate.

Wallace:   He recently had some x-rays taken, and the vet her that it looked like he had been shot at some point. His back end is filled with pellets.

Zuzu: Mom brought a client of hers to volunteer at the shelter and ended up leaving with me because I was so sweet… she couldn’t resist!!

Kali:  Although Samuel and Florenica “rescued” Kali, they can now truly say that she saved them.


Pit Bull videos by Positively Woof

Video: October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month with LARPBO (Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners)



Video: Happy Halloween from Pit Bulls & Friends – featuring the dogs of LARPBO



Video: Positively Woof’s Spokes-Pit LOUIE – at Pet Orphans



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