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Pit Bull Awareness Month: LARPBO – Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners Success Stories!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners’ (LARPBO) mission is to join together in group activities, events, pit bull advocacy, education classes, training classes, and community outreach in order to promote a positive image of all “bully breeds.”  Read our in-depth LARPBO feature HERE.

LARPBO members and their dogs can attend classes every Saturday and Sunday at their leisure. There are victories every week, both small and large, ranging from keeping dogs in homes, to dogs getting their CGC certificates, or going on to be therapy dogs and compete in various events. Here are some success stories:

MAKANA and SAMMImakana-2

“Five years ago, Makana and I attended our very first LARPBO class. There were only 4-6 participants then. (Now, we’re looking at over 65 dogs every weekend.) I had little expectation. I simply wanted my dog to be able to walk around the neighborhood without dragging me home after only a block. I also wanted her to be more comfortable in new situations. Immediately, I found Troy’s methods to my liking. Apparently so did Makana! Shortly after the first class, Makana’s pulling was minimal, her confidence increased, and she excelled in obedience. She looked forward to classes and began to enjoy new challenges. One day in class, Troy tells me Makana was getting bored placing on place boxes (irrigation boxes). That perhaps I should up the ante and make her place on a fire hydrant. I thought he was insane, but I’m always up for a challenge. I could not believe it! The third time asking her to place, Makana easily jumped up on a fire hydrant. Since then, she’s been placing on anything and everything that I’ve asked her. Since then, she’s learned to love new experiences and have overcome many challenges.makana-1

LARPBO extends beyond the classes at the parks.  We also have a community of dog lovers actively engaging online. Like our dogs, we all come from different backgrounds, of different sizes and age, and have different opinions. We are all so different, yet we get along. What we all have in common is our love for our pups. It is with that commonality that we treat each other as we would our dogs: with respect, with an open mind, and with care.

On a dog level, LARPBO represents to me a place to learn how to manage our dogs in real life situations.  On a human level, LARPBO represents to me — uncannily — what pit bull dog owners are fighting for: public acceptance and inclusion.”



“I first heard about LARPBO through my Aunt Sammi. She had been training her dog Makana with them for a few years before I got involved. She was the one who told me about Rascal, and I am forever grateful that she did. Rascal was being fostered by two of LARPBO’s trainers, Mariana and Griffin, and they gave him the best start to life I could have ever asked for. One of the conditions to adopting Rascal was to keep up with his LARPBO training. LARPBO makes training fun, affordable and easy. You really get to bond with your dog during training, and it makes your relationship that much stronger. If I hadn’t continued Rascal’s training, he would have been too strong for me to walk or probably do anything with. We go to LARPBO pretty much every Saturday for their Sherman Oaks class, and now he is CGC and CGCA certified. I have learned so much through LARPBO, and have met some amazing dog owners along the way. I am so thankful to LARPBO for teaching me the importance of training your dog and being a responsible dog owner, and also for being a big part in helping me raise a confident, well behaved dog. I highly recommend LARPBO for anyone who wants to have a strong bond with their dog, and eventually have a extremely well behaved dog you can take anywhere. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It’s totally possible with LARPBO dog training!! “rascal-2

OBI-WAN, MILA, MARILYN and DAVIDobi-wan-mila-1

“We are firm believers of raising your pup with love and discipline. Being a dog owner comes with great responsibility. Having a pit bull, some might say, comes with an even greater one. They are such an amazing and powerful breed. LARPBO community has really impacted both our pupps and us in such an amazing and positive way, providing proper guidelines and teaching responsibility. Obi-Wan and Mila are currently 9 months old and we have learned such great foundations for their young lives because of LARPBO. Our puppies love training and we have seen such great results; from sitting to staying, to coming when called. LARPBO has given us the tools to deal with real life situations such as proper meet and greets, and to be respectful and peaceful with other dogs. Responsibility is key, and training is essential. LARPBO has given us that.”obi-wan-mila-2

DAISHA, AULDOUS, WENDY and J.R.wendy-jr-2

“When we 1st joined LARPBO, I was just looking to be able to walk both of my dogs, safely by myself. They were both reactive to barking dogs behind fences and my girl had a high prey drive for little dogs. Not only did LARPBO teach me the skills and tools I needed to thoroughly enjoy life with my dogs, but I was welcomed into a wonderful community of caring, understanding,  responsible, dog loving people. Most of whom have become my family. LARPBO continues to teach me and help me grow, so much so, that I have become a dog trainer in training. Every weekend my husband and I go to both training locations to give back and to see the look of “I get it!” that we remember feeling 3 1/2 years ago. Anything is possible with LARPBO  <3″wendy-jr-1

LYNWOOD and ADAMlynwood-2

“I came to LARPBO 3 years ago  because I was tired of having my “pitbull” bit and pushed around at the local dog parks.
LARPBO taught me about being patient and being a responsible dog owner. LARPBO taught me about building my and my dogs confidence, once Lynwood and I got some confidence the rest was history.
They teach you the do’s and donts.  Proper dog greetings, and how to not set your dog up for failure and of course come, sit, stay and much more.
Today Lynwood is off leash trained has his AKC CGC and CGCU titles. Lynwood competes in water sports and just recently he passed his therapy dog test and loves his new job at making people day’s a little better.
$15 bucks a class and it’s all non profit!  I didn’t think it was true at first. People pay 1,000’s and 1,000’s of dollars for private training. 95% of us can’t afford that.  LARPBO is your answer.  I don’t think there’s any thing else like it it the country.
Yes, insured licensed Non profit dog training in LA, I didn’t believe it either.lynwood-3
Tired of your neighbors looking at you while your “rescue” dog drags you down the street?
Ha! We’ve all been there. Grab 15 bucks, your leash, treats, and water and I guarantee you will have fun, learn, meet good people.
I love that safety is rule number one at LARPBO.  They’ve set rules in place to keep everyone and your fur baby safe.  Call it what you want, but it’s incredibly empowering to have a obedient dog walking loose on its leash, coming, sitting, staying etc.
Today I have a LARPBO dog. “

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