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Pit Bull Awareness Month: Pittie Chicks Wants to Show How Sweet Pit Bulls Are!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Jessica Siegfried wanted to start an apparel line geared towards the female pit bull owner, and as a graphic designer by trade, she figured, “Why not!?”.  She started with their signature Pit in Pearls (Lola) and Bow Tie Pit Bull (Bull) and it snowballed from there! Jessica was sick of seeing unisex, black tees with dogs in spiked collars, looking tough.  She wanted cute looks for “chicks who love pits” that represented the sweetness of Pit Bull type dogs.  Pittie Chicks based their launch off of a National Pit Bull Awareness Day 5K in Scranton and began by donating a portion of every sale to pit bull rescues in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA).Print
Jessica’s inspiration comes from her two pit bull type dogs:  Lola aka #lovelylola, and Bull aka #beefybull. Lola is their 7 year old diva. She’s known for her persnickety whining and princess tendencies. Bull is a 4 year old goofy and happy boy…who doesn’t realize he’s almost 90 lbs! Both have their Canine Good Citizen certifications and visit their local nursing home.img_1061
Pittie Chicks are proud to be a part of the Street Team and volunteer with Pinups for PitbullsThey donate to them, as well as local rescues in and around NEPA. Jessica and her pit bull, Lola, are thrilled to be “Miss May” in the Pinups for Pitbulls 2017 Calendar!
(Photo Credit:  Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc.)
jesslolalittledarling-pfpbRecently, Pittie Chicks joined forces with Lehigh Valley Pit Bull Awareness Club and hosted an event called Pittie Palooza at Maiolatesi Winery (outside of Scranton), and donated all profits to the thirteen rescues in attendance. It was such a success that they are already on the calendar for June 17, 2017! Pittie Chicks also works with and donates to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, True Friends Animal Welfare Center, Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast, Mr. Bones & Co, Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue, Modified K9, and Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescueto name a few. They also support other rescues across the United States with in-kind donations for fundraisers and raffles. img_7257

Since it was founded in 2012, the response to Pittie Chicks has been overwhelming. Jessica refers to it as the ‘Pittie Chicks family’, rather than a ‘fan base’.  They exchange stories, laughs, advice and love for their favorite block heads! Pit Bulls bring people together —  it’s part of their charm.

(Photo Credit:  Dolci Momenti Photography)pittiechicksfam

Jessica wants others to know that Pit Bulls are the most loving, and resilient dogs she has ever met… and she wishes that people would realize that as large as their heads may be, their hearts are much, much larger. There are so many wonderful loving dogs in shelters and rescues right now just waiting for their happily ever after, and they’ve got SO much love to give, if given the chance.img_8959
Follow Pittie Chicks (along with Lola and Bull) on Instagram @pittiechickson Twitter @pittiechicks and like them on Facebook /PittieChicks!  Shop for apparel, jewelry, and other accessories on the Pittie Chicks website and on their Threadless shop and help rescues and dogs in need all over the U.S.!
(All photos from the Pittie Chicks website)pittie-chicks-products

Lola & I are SO VERY excited to represent May in the @pinupsforpitbullsinc 2017 calendar! Calendars are now available and are shipping- get yours before they run out at ???? Let’s end Breed Specific Legislation once and for all!! Huge thank you to @littledarlingpb ????and @pinupsforpitbullsinc Photography: @celestegiuliano Hair & Makeup: @retro666doll The theme of this year’s calendar was developed to show our audience the beauty in having all kinds of dogs in the town of Darlingsville where all dogs are welcome. We wanted to illustrate these wonderful dogs and their people with the feeling of “these are the pit bulls in your neighborhood.” They’re helping with various tasks, everyday activities and enjoying time with their families. We wanted to share how “normal” these beautiful dogs are when given the opportunity to lead a cherished life. #endbsl #alldogsareindividuals #pittiechicks #lovelylola #pinupsforpitbullsinc #pinupmodels #takemyleashnotmylife #pfpbmodelcall2017 #beadiebabiez

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This is one pooped Pittie! #beefybull #pittiechicks #velvethippo #pitbull #love

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No Mawhm, you are mistaken, this is MY spot. #lovelylola #thediva #seatstealer #pittiechicks

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