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Pit Bull Awareness Month: Tooth & Honey Gives Back to Bully Breed Rescues and Individuals

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Ally Concannon, an American Board Certified hair colorist and proud military wife, started Tooth & Honey (which sells custom large dog clothing, including sweaters, pajamas and shirts) for several reasons. She wanted to find a way that she could give back to animals and rescues without having to post fundraising pages (i.e. Go Fund Me). She has always felt it was her life mission to do something with animals. Ally loves to create and sew, so she began making sweaters for special needs rescue dogs. In 2015, she decided to put 100% of her heart and soul into Tooth & Honey, and it is now her full time venture.tooth-honey-logo
 “Tooth” alludes to the loyally protective nature of the hard-to-fit pit bull type dogs, like a fiercely supportive friend with a hard-candy shell. This rough exterior is balanced with “Honey,” which refers to the calm, therapeutic, and sweet presence of bully breeds—and any dog—who have become true members of the family. Anyone with a pit bull or bully breed in their family knows that damaged stereotypes and violent perceptions about them couldn’t be further from the truth! It is one of Tooth and Honey’s priorities to change that image, so that more bully breeds will be rescued and adopted. When you buy a product from Tooth & Honey, you are not only buying a quality, American-made, hand-crafted item for your pup, but you are helping them further their goals of making the world a better place for animals. A portion of all proceeds is donated to various animal shelters, as Tooth & Honey strives to bring attention to important issues like spaying, neutering and animal abuse.galaxypup
Tooth & Honey has given back to rescues all over the United States, including Northwest Dog Project, Rancho Relaxo, One Love Arizona, Handsome Dan Rescue, and BARCS. In the wintertime, Ally donates boxes filled with Tooth & Honey clothing to various rescues and individuals. Currently, they are donating all the clothing for a sweet special needs dog named ‘Nana’ from New York Bully Crew. She has skin cancer and open wounds on most of her body, so she needs to be covered at all times. Her foster parents didn’t know what to do until Ally contacted them, and offered to make her custom clothing that fits her body shape perfectly. She wears pajamas and shirts 24/7. Ally is very passionate about creating clothing for special needs pups.baker
 Ally is a mom to three pit bulls:  Bela, Bacon and Opie. Bela is pit bull mix, and approximately 100 years old (maybe 8? 9? 10? she has no idea). She was rescued over seven years ago from a shelter in Texas that was shutting down. She is a therapy dog and also has her canine good citizen certificate. Bela is the sweetest, most gentle soul. Bacon is a six year old pit bull that Ally found on Craigslist. He wasn’t fixed and had no shots. She didn’t want him to end up in bad hands, so she took him in. He is giant and adorable. Opie is a huge seven month old furbaby. He was given to Ally by someone going through a divorce. She originally was just going to foster him and find him a home, but she fell in love with him, and so did her other dogs. He is crazy, adorable and such a good boy.
The response to Tooth & Honey has been overwhelming. A lot of people are so excited to finally find cute, affordable clothing for their pit bull that fits. Ally loves connecting with like minded people, and she has built such an amazing customer base. Tooth & Honey fans help spread positive pit bull vibes. Ally’s ultimate dream is to one day fund a spay and neuter van. She wants to help by getting to the root of the overpopulation problem, and help educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering.
Ally loves all types of dogs, but knows that once you love a pit bull, you will never look back. All of her fur babies are so different, yet share a lot of common traits. They all LOVE people. They love to snuggle, give kisses, and happiest when by their mom’s side. They also love every single person they meet. Pit Bulls are wonderful, loving dogs that deserve a chance to be loved and a chance to show everyone how amazing they are.pinksweaterbabe
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