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Rate Your Relationship with Your Dog

rate your relationship with your dogBy Larry Kay

This quiz will measure how good your relationship is with your dog and will give you ideas how to make it even better. We can make a great relationship when we enjoy being responsible. To be safe, always have a responsible grownup supervise you.

This piece first appeared in Dog Fancy magazine’s “Dogs for Kids” column.

0 to 9 points: We need help to become best friends.
10 to 14 points: We’re learning to be best friends.
15 to 17 points: We’re best friends.
18 to 20 points: We’re more than best friends, we’re soul mates.

#1 SPEAKING. Your relationship grows when you speak loving words. Since your dog can’t speak words, she speaks with her body language. Score one point for each.
– I tell my dog that I love her and how much I care about her.
– My dog knows her name.
– Sometimes my dog visits me just to nuzzle me or to be petted.
– My dog says ‘please’ by sitting and looking at me.
Total Speaking Points: _____

#2 CARING. Actions speak louder than words. Give yourself one point for each caring action that you do.
– I help feed my dog.
– I help brush my dog.
– I put away my toys, clothes, and school stuff so that my dog doesn’t chew them.
– I have helped take my dog to the veterinarian.
Total Caring Points: _____

#3 LEARNING. Your dog is happier when she learns. Add another point for each.
– When I cue sit, stay, down or come, my dog does it.
– I say “Good dog” when she learns.
– My dog is potty trained.
– When my dog pulls on her leash, we can help her to stop.
Total Learning Points: _____

#4 PLAYING. Dogs love being with people who have fun with them. Score one point for each.
– My dog and I play together.
– We can do at least one dog trick.
– I love to help take my dog on walks.
– We play quietly and she likes it when I pet her.
Total Playing Points: _____

#5 SOCIALIZING. Is your dog ready to greet other dogs and people? Add one point for each socializing experience.
– When we walk, my dog likes to meet other nice dogs.
– My dog enjoys meeting guests at our home.
– My dog has played safely with another dog in a park.
– We have had a celebration for our dog that includes other people or dogs.
Total Socializing Points: _____

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