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Dog Rescue Stories: From the Streets of Puerto Rico to Happy Home in NYC


Lisa and her mother frequently traveled to Aguado, Puerto Rico, as they have a home there.  Whenever they were in town, they would feed the stray dogs near their house.  During a visit in 2011, Lisa saw a scruffy, adorable, mixed breed dog living on the streets.  He had ticks on his body and was in rough shape, so, Lisa brought the dog to her house in Puerto Rico, gave him food, and bathed him.  At the time, Lisa was living in New York City.  She already had two dogs and two cats, and thought it would be irresponsible to take in another animal.  She left Puerto Rico, and sadly, had to leave the dog she cared for, as well.

Lisa went back to Puerto Rico 3 months later, and found that the same stray dog was still living on the streets.  This time, Lisa could not leave him behind.  She named him Carlos and took him to a local vet to make sure he was healthy enough to fly.  Then, Carlos got on a plane with his new mom, and made the journey to his forever home!  It took some time for Carlos to adjust to his new life in NYC, but he is now a happy, healthy, and loving pup. He’s full of personality, and wants nothing more than to please the good human who saved him!!

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Carlos is wishing his mama and papa a very happy anniversary ????

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