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Dog Rescue Stories: Jamie the Boxer Couldn’t Wait to Join her Forever Family!

All Maeve’s life, her father told her and her brother stories about his childhood neighbor’s dog, Champ.  Champ was the most handsome dog Maeve’s father had ever seen.  He was a Boxer and had a beJamieautiful white chest and white “socks.” Knowing how much their father loved dogs, Maeve and her brother always asked for a dog when they were growing up, but their father wanted to wait until retirement.  He wanted to be able to spend time with their dog, and he didn’t think it would be fair for the dog to be alone all day.

After finishing her first year at college, Maeve returned home for the summer and was surprised to find out that her close friend had adopted a puppy.  Maeve asked her friend where she adopted her puppy from, and started browsing the rescue’s website. She came across a beautiful female Boxer puppy with a white chest and white socks!  With both children in college, Maeve though her parents needed something to lift their spirits, and help fill their “empty nest.” She thought a rescue pup would be the perfect addition to their household!

The next day, Maeve and her friend drove to the rescue.  As soon as Maeve saw the boxer puppy, she fell in love.  She knew she had to give this puppy her forever home, but she did not have enough money to cover the adoption fee.  So, she drove back home, picked up her parents, and they drove back to the rescue. Maeve’s parents immediately fell in love with the Boxer puppy.  They found out that she was most likely rescued from a puppy mill, and that her birthday was March 9th…the same day Maeve’s grandfather was born.  It was meant to be!  Maeve’s father named the puppy Jamie, and they gave her a forever home!

Maeve and her family can’t imagine what life would be like without Jamie.  Maeve’s father falls in love with Jamie more and more each day, and is happy that he didn’t wait until retirement to add a fur-baby to their family.  Maeve’s parents are happy that their nest won’t be so empty anymore, and are thankful that Jamie changed their lives for the better!

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