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Pet Rescue Stories: Maisie Moo – Who Rescued Whom?

Maisie Moo

Last summer, Maisie (formerly known as Berkley and Miss Moo) was spotted at a shelter in California by a Dachshund rescue from Abbotsford, BC. They fell in love with her and couldn’t say no, so the rescue pulled Maisie from the shelter and brought her up to Canada. A friend of a friend of Maisie’s now forever mom, Kristina, had been fostering her in Vancouver and heard that Kristina had been looking to adopt, and sent over some photos and videos. At the time, Kristina was imagining a big ol’ fluffy dog in her future, but after watching Maisie in the video, she feel in love and quickly arranged a meeting. When Maisie and her foster parent arrived at the park, Kristina and Maisie locked eyes from 60 feet away and Maisie ran right to her forever mom and wouldn’t leave her side. And she hasn’t since.

Maisie Moo 1

After the first week, it was very apparent that Maisie had a fair bit of anxiety, something Kristina has also been dealing with for most of her adult life. Having Maisie has been a great comfort to Kristina and has allowed her to do things she imagined she would do before. In the past 8 months of being together, Kristina can easily say that they have both made tremendous strides in coping with their anxiety. Maisie has bettered Kristina’s life more than she can describe, and she likes to think she has done the same for Maisie. Some may say Kristina rescued Maisie, but Maisie has definitely rescued Kristina.

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