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Dog Rescue Stories: Piper – From Unwanted to Spoiled Rotten!

     Piper was originally raised in a house with several dogs.  When her former owner decided to downsize, she contacted the Humane Society of Naples to pick up her unwanted pets.  Piper’s owner told Humane Society staff that they could “put Piper down,” if they wanted to. Thankfully, the shelter was no-kill, and all the dogs they picked up were safe!!
     When Piper was picked up, she had a severe case of mange and was extremely underweight. It was clear that she had been neglected, and needed medical attention.  The shelter put her on medication, made sure she was well fed, and started to look for someone to adopt her.  Luckily, Piper didn’t have to wait too long! Rebecca, a volunteer, saw Piper a week after she arrived at the shelter, and it was love at first sight! Rebecca spent some time with Piper, showered her with hugs and kisses, and then gave her a forever home!
     Thanks to Rebecca’s love and support over the last several months, Piper has grown most of her hair back and has gained 8 pounds.  Piper recently celebrated her 1st birthday and even though she had a rough start in life, she’s now happy and safe with her forever mom!
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Piper Before She Was Adopted

Piper before

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