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Dog Rescue Stories: Raven the Tripawd Inspires Wounded Veterans

     Raven came in through the “give up room” of Osceola County Animal Services in January of 2015. Her owner was surrendering her because he was moving overseas for work and couldn’t leave his mother to care for a “broken” dog. Raven had been limping since August of 2014 and did not receive adequate veterinary care because she was a pit bull and didn’t need pain meds, according to the former owner.
     Upon intake, she was examined by the shelter’s veterinary technician and it was discovered that Raven had been suffering from a fracture of her humerus at the joint of her elbow. Her future looked bleak, but there was something about Raven that made the technician fight for her. After a consultation with a veterinarian, it was decided that at this point, the only option was to amputate.
     Raven was placed on pain meds while resources and funding were pulled together to save this little girl and on February 6th, the amputation was successfully performed. She was taken home for foster by her vet tech and adopted by her furever mom, Kellie, on February 14, 2016.  The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the both of them!
     Since then, Raven has come out of her shell and has become an incredible dog.  She’s an inspiration to many, especially wounded veterans. To see them smile and relate to her is truly heartwarming. She makes strides of improvement everyday and her gentle, scared, little spirit gets stronger and more trusting with every kind hearted person that stops to say hello and to tell her she’s beautiful.
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Tiny Tim and Ray.

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