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Dog Rescue Stories: Paralysis Hasn’t Slowed Gordon Down!


Meet Gordon…the happiest dog in the world!

Gordon was found paralyzed on a road in Taiwan, after being hit by a car and left to die. A good human found him and took him in for medical care. Unfortunately, his paralysis was permanent, but he never lost his zest for life!

Wendy saw Gordon’s story on Facebook, which had been shared by a rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area. One look at his sweet face, and Wendy was determined to give him a forever home. She did a lot of research and spent time preparing for Gordon. The rescue flew him to California and after a few hours, he was resting happily in Wendy’s arms.  She’d never seen a dog with so much joy!

Gordon inspires Wendy and makes her smile every single day. His “race car” wheelchair is getting some serious miles, because he zooms around faster than she can catch him! Wendy uses his Instagram account as a way to make people smile, to spread awareness about pets with special needs, and as a reminder that even though life doesn’t always go the way we expect, we can choose to be happy and live it fully. Thanks to Wendy and the good human who saved him, Gordon is making the most of his second chance at life!

See Gordon Zoom Around in his Wheelerchair on Instagram @gordons2ndchance

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