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Dog Rescue Stories: Sisters Stella and Lola Got to Stay Together

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Kary’s husband, Omar, took her to Ventura Beach for their wedding anniversary – the site of their nuptials. Omar asked Kary if she wanted to go to the Agoura Hills Shelter to look at the adoptable dogs. She was hesitant at first, because she really didn’t know the process, and she wasn’t sure that they were ready to add a furbaby to their family. However, they had just bought a new house and had the space for a dog, so, Kary ultimately said yes. When they got to Agoura Hills Shelter, they had to sign a waiver because of the types of dogs they were interested in seeing — Pit Bulls.Kary and Omar saw two sisters, Stella and Lola, in one kennel and fell in love instantly. They asked shelter volunteers if they could take them out to play. When the pups exited their kennel, Lola fell asleep on Kary’s feet and Stella couldn’t stop playing with her leash. After their play date finished, Kary and Omar expressed interest in adopting one of the girls, but found out they had to wait.The shelter eventually did a home check and then three days later, Kary and Omar received a call letting them know they could pick one of the dogs up to take home. They hurried down, and stood in front of Stella and Lola’s kennel for a while, deciding who they would take home. To Kary’s surprise, she heard Omar ask the front desk if they could adopt both girls. The front desk staff asked why, and Omar said “They are sisters, they are in the same kennel, they eat together, play together, sleep together, do everything together…how can we separate them?”

 Kary and Omar can’t imagine their lives without Stella and Lola, and they are all on a mission to show the world that Pit Bulls are amazing, loving, funny, gentle and adventurous dogs. #EndBSL
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