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Dog Rescue Stories: Special Needs Xavier Lights Up His Forever Parents’ Lives

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Xavier is a year 1 and a half year old spunky lab mix who lives in Brooklyn NY, with his forever parents. He was rescued from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY.
Natasha and her boyfriend, Matthew (who was formerly scared of dogs), had wanted to adopt a dog for awhile and finally decided, once they moved in together, that it was time! One Friday night, they took a zip car to North Shore Animal League, very excited to look for a new member to add to their squad. There was only one puppy available for adoption that night and one of the employees told them to return Saturday when they were planning to make more puppies available for adoption. Matthew then visited the area where the “special needs” dogs were and yelled to Natasha, ‘I found him!’. There was Xavier, with bright green eyes, staring at his new forever parents.
Natasha and Matthew asked the shelter employee why he hadn’t been adopted yet. He was just too adorable and lovable to resist. The shelter employee said it was because he has a lot of medical issues (parasites, urinary issues, possible neurological issues) and a pre-existing condition (microvascular dysplasia) that would require lifelong medication and special prescription food. They played around with him for awhile and fell in love, despite being told that he’s “the crazy one”. They decided to give him his forever home…the best decision they’ve ever made!
Since adopting Xavier, Natasha and Matthew have fallen head over heels in love with him! He loves running unleashed at the beach and at Prospect Park. He adores playing with other dogs and loves chasing and wrestling with his friends at the park. He loves tearing things up…mostly things he shouldn’t. He’s a character and has a very “Dennis the Menace” type personality!
Xavier’s energetic and rambunctious personality keeps his parents on their toes but he also has a very protective and nurturing side. He also loves to cuddle. His forever mom and dad are still working on training him to not eat everything off the street but he picked up basic commands such as sit, lay, high five and stay very quickly. He will do anything for a treat! Due to his medical issues, he has skin and allergy problems, but they are lucky to have a great vet to help him. In the future, they hope to do further medical tests to rule out a liver shunt, but in the meantime, he is just LOVING LIFE!
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