Pet Rescue Stories

Dog Rescue Stories: Stella the Staffy Was Saved From A Terrible Fate

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

One night, my mum and dad were looking for new furniture on an app called OfferUp. Suddenly, my face popped up with a “free dog” ad stating that someone had dropped me off on their front porch a couple hours earlier and they couldn’t keep me. My mum knew that animals can’t be sold on that app, but she loved my cute face. She was also scared for me since she could tell I was a bully breed, and Pit Bulls are known for being forced to fight and being bait dogs down here in Southwest Florida. So, she intervened.Mum and  dad drove almost an hour at 11:45pm at night two days before her 20th birthday to save me from a possibly horrible fate. When they picked me up, I ran straight to my new dad and he held me for a long, long time…I wouldn’t let him put me down!I was just 13 weeks old and weighed a measly 13 pounds, had no fur on my belly, ears, or around my eyes, and I had lots of flaky and pimply skin. I also had a horrible UTI and suffered from stomach problems because my vet believes I was eating rancid trash and food scraps last summer for my meals.My new forever parents got me healthy again and now I live an amazing life. I love to go swim and go on adventures to all different places. I keep a close eye on my mum, as I am a service dog in training for seizure alert. I also help lower her heart rate when I sense it is increasing, since she has a panic disorder that can get very overwhelming and debilitating for her. I may be a daddy’s girl at heart, but mum is so grateful for me, and I, her. 💘

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today mum & daddy spent a lot of time away from the house at grandma and grandpas. my uncle coco is very old and he’s smaller than me, so i don’t go there because he gets scared of my crazy self! I don’t want to hurt him, just PLAY PLAY PLAY! And he doesn’t want to 😧 so I stay home when mum & daddy go there. But today mum had a very hard time away from me. She visited me 3 times and the first time she came up the stairs, I could hear her heartbeat and knew she was upset so I sat right there, waiting to comfort her from the second she opened the door. I didn’t jump when she did, I didn’t go crazy, i just let her sit in the doorway and cry while I took her tears away. She was eventually calmed down to a slower heart rate but it took her a while…she calls me her precious baby angel because she knows I will always protect her because god and her mama sent me to…she is my bestest friend and I love her forever. (even when she leaves me for 7 hours!!! ) she cried a lot today. She is feeling very crummy. Her heart rate has been very high all day and now she can finally breathe with me by her side, and so can I 😌🐶🐾✨😇 #seriouspost #dogsaregodsgift __________________________________________ Check out my pawtners! 🐾🐶🐕💖 @blue_luna_lou @mocha_fawnstaffy @majorathebully @alaiandhaulolithepitbulls x x x #rescuepup | #ENDBSL | #dontbullymybreed |#americanstaffordshireterrier | #americanstaffy | #pitbullsofinstagram | #pitbull | #staffydaily |#pitbullpuppy | #naturedog |#adventurepup | #pitpup | #amstaffpup |#staffymoments

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all that bday stuff wore me out! today mum & i rested almost all day! 😪😴 she is coming down with the flu so I’m going to be off duty for a while. she slept on the floor with me, and set up blankets that we shared, last night since I was acting funky before I ate my dinner. (She later realized I had refused dinner the day before and breakfast yesterday, and hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so when I was wobbly and woozy she had to hand-feed me and I fell asleep right after) Even when my mum is sick, my needs come first, and I love her so much cuz she always makes sure I’m okay ☺️❤️ don’t worry – I ate breakfast today too, she hand-fed me that as well🙊 __________________________________________ Check out my pawtners! 🐾🐶🐕💖 @blue_luna_lou @mocha_fawnstaffy @majorathebully @alaiandhaulolithepitbulls x x x #rescuepup | #ENDBSL | #dontbullymybreed |#americanstaffordshireterrier | #americanstaffy | #pitbullsofinstagram | #pitbull | #staffydaily |#pitbullpuppy | #naturedog |#adventurepup | #pitpup | #amstaffpup |#staffymoments

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too many great shots from the dog beach yesterday!! ••• today mum almost adopted me a baby sister from our local pittie rescue…she was 8.5 weeks and she was black and white and just like me when I was little, calm anxious and giving lots of sweet lovins!!! 😩😍…but daddy said NO! 😵😰🙊…mum wasn’t too happy…😂 Introducing my first pawtner 🎉🐾 @blue_luna_lou 💙 • • • • • #staffymoments #amstaffarmy #rescuepup #dontbullymybreed #americanstaffordshireterrier #americanstaffy #amstaff #puppy #watchdog #staffy #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #amstaffdaily #pitbullpuppy #pibble #nannydog #naturedog #adventurepup #pitpup #amstaffpup #purebred #staffylife #staff #stafford #staffordpuppy #amstaffsofinstagram #servicedog #pittielove #ENDBSL

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Good morning everyone! I was nominated by my furiend Bane @abullynhislittleman to share #20FactsAboutMe so you can all get to know me better! 1) I am turning one year old on May 31st!!! 🙊🎂🎉 2) My mum & dad rescued me when i was 3 1/2 month old so they have raised me from my worst condition to now, my best! 3) I work for my mum to help let her know if she may have a seizure or if her heart rate is too high! ⚠️🐶 4) I am a VERY picky eater! 5) I would rather play with rocks than toys any day!! 🙊 6) I love to give everybody kisses even if they don’t like it!! i’m just so full of love. 😛💘 7) I live in SW Florida with my mum, and her boyfriend, my daddy!! 8) i love to snuggle and take naps💘💘💘 9) i love digging in the dirt and then laying in it and rubbing my face in it!!! 😈 sorry mum! 10) i love to play with children, they’re hyper like me! 11) my favorite place to be is with other dogs in a park🐶🐶💘 12) I’m spoiled and am allowed to be on any furniture i want, except the coffee table, but i alwayyyys push my luck with that one!! 🙈 13) when i get too tired from playing outside, i can always rely on my daddy to carry me home from the dog park 😌 14) my parents call me princess stelly belly bc i’m so proper when i walk 😉 15) i can jump higher than my daddy’s nose!! 😱 16) i don’t have any brothers or sisters because i told mum and daddy i like being a one-dog house so i can have ALLLLLLL the lovins they have!!😏😍🐶💘 17) i am the TUG OF WAR CHAMPION!!!! i always win 😈 18) sometimes i chew on mum & daddy’s coffee table, receipts, colored markers, papers, W2 forms, credit cards, and the walls when they are gone too long…but i never swallow it!! 🙊 19) I have gone through one heat cycle and had to wear a diaper for 3 weeks before the doctor could give me surgery to spay me!! 20) i am the most loving pup & mum & daddy are always telling everybody that i have a real personality. and i do, i’m jut like them, i’m a person too…wait…right?? 😂💘🐶🐾 ••• i’d like to nominate @prettygirl_stella @ben.the.doberman @mocha_fawnstaffy @chili.daily and @mr.stealurchick ! can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say ☺️

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hey u guys!!! im back from the vet and they gave me medicine for my UTI. they found 3 types of bacteria and red blood cells when they did my urinalysis 😣 Mum says i may have got it from swimming in the lake! 😦 i hope that means i can still go back there…but i’m feeling a little better today. i even ate my breakfast before 6pm, HAPPY FRIYAY YALL! 🤗🐶🐾🌞 . . . . #staffymoments #amstaffarmy #rescuepup #dontbullymybreed #americanstaffordshireterrier #americanstaffy #amstaff #puppy #watchdog #staffy #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #amstaffdaily #pitbullpuppy #pibble #nannydog #naturedog #adventurepup #pitpup #amstaffpup #purebred #staffylife #staff #stafford #staffordpuppy #amstaffsofinstagram #servicedog #pittielove

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