Cat Rescue Story: From Stray To ‘Lap Cat’

Cat Rescue Story: For The Love Of Maggie I was finally able to get a kitten! No parents or roommates to forbid sharing a home with a cat.  I had always wanted a Calico cat; they’re so uniquely beautiful. When my sister called and said her friend knew a lady who had a calico kitten

Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat

Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat “This is a dog house,” Janet wrote in her Cat Rescue Story. “My husband and I have had many dogs but no cats during our 28 years together.” Imagine their surprise when a small female cat started jumping their six foot wall and started “irritating” their dog. “We

National Craft For Shelters Day: July 21 Pet Calendar

If you’ve always wondered what you could possibly do to help a shelter pet, July 21 offers a unique opportunity; it’s National Craft For Shelters Day. Some pet lovers donate food or toys or blankets to shelters. Still other pet lovers donate time by walking shelter dogs, cuddling shelter cats and kittens and helping clean