Pet Calendar: Senior Pet Month

Pet Calendar: Senior Pet Month Love comes in all shapes and sizes when you’re a pet lover. Love also comes in all ages — from kittens to senior cats from puppies to senior dogs. No matter the age or species of the pet you fall in love with, consider adopting a senior pet. Why? Here

Cat Rescue Story: The Life Of Kiddy Girl

Cat Rescue Story Kiddy Girl was found, as a stray, about four years ago. According to Donna, her adoptive pet parent, “Our neighbor took her in, but soon after he was killed in a motorcycle crash. His family moved in, but did not want her even though they let her hang around.” She had three

Cat Rescue Story: Box Of Kittens Saved

Charles Bissonette shared the story of Cerra (sounds like “Sara”). Cerra was a stray someone dumped near my work about six months ago. She looked pregnant when I first saw her. Cerra wandered off and reappeared about two months later. This time, Charles said, she stuck around. “Last weekend my wife and I decided to

Why Does Your Cat Or Kitten Hide?

If you’re a cat parent, chances are you want to snuggle with your cat or kitten, right? Of course you do! That’s why it can be a bit disconcerting when your cat or kitten hides from you. We connected with Janea Kelley from Paws and Effect and she shared this great post on why your