Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety Month

As pet parents we do our best to feed our pets — dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. — the healthiest diet we can and that’s why in our pet calendar: pet food safety month is important. Actually it’s food safety month for humans, but let’s face it — our pets are our family! When you become

Pet Calendar: National Dog Biscuit Day

Today, February 23, is National Dog Biscuit Day! What does that mean to your pet? It means he wants you to give him a good, healthy biscuit, or better yet, bake him a biscuit! Let’s take some time today to give our pets a little bit more love, belly rubs and of course a biscuit

Halloween Pet Safety and Fun

Keep your best beastie bud safe this Halloween. Safety tips for dog costumes, Halloween socialization, tricks for treats, noise…and unsocialized humans.

Pet Calendar: National Walk Your Dog Week

Pet Calendar: National Walk Your Dog Week Do you and your dog love to take walks? We’ll bet that if we asked your dog he or should would give a rousing round of barks and yips when asked if they, “want to take a walk?” It seems a good fit for the Pet Calendar for