Janet Oquendo, Certified Dog Trainer…and Bird Owner.

Meet Positively Woof’s New Consulting Dog Trainer, Janet Oquendo. She answers your questions about dog training.

Praise Your Dog Like a Westminster Dog Show Champion

Champion show dog trainers use positive reinforcement dog training methods, where praise is emphasized and bad behavior is mostly ignored and not reprimanded.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

MYTH: dogs must be bossed by an alpha dog (or human). TRUTH: dogs love to follow leaders who are kind and fair. That leader is YOU!

Ask The Dog Trainer: My Dog Pees In The House

Ask A Dog Trainer: My Dog Pees In The House Your dog training questions are answered by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at FetchFind  where you can fetch the latest information from the world’s leading pet experts and find something that inspires you. Click here to send us your dog care or training question.   QUESTION: