Pet Calendar: World Spay Day

Pet Calendar: World Spay Day The last Tuesday of February has been designated World Spay Day. In 2024, World Spay Day is February 27. February is also designated as Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. No organization believes more deeply in the need for spaying and neutering of our pets than Lucy Pet Foundation and Lucy Pet products’

Joey Herrick & Lucy Pet – Rose Parade 2017

How did Surfing Dogs get in the Rose Parade with Lucy Pet? Because Joey Herrick had an idea.

Doc Halligan Rides Lucy Pet’s 2017 Rose Parade Float

Lucy Pet’s Chief Veterinarian, Doc Halligan is on a mission to save 80,000 dogs and cats from being euthanized every week. How?

Lucy Pet Foundation Shows What Saving 80,000 Animals (Every Week) Looks Like

Joey Herrick could have retired when he and his business partner, TV star Dick Van Patten, sold their Natural Balance pet food company to Del Monte in 2013. But instead, Joey started a new career: he drives a bus.   Joey Herrick’s bus is mobile spay and neuter clinic that he drives for the Lucy