Dog Rescue Stories: From the Streets of Puerto Rico to Happy Home in NYC

Carlos Waited Three Months for His Human to Rescue Him!

Dog Rescue Stories: Katherine’s Second Chance at Love

Katherine was rescued by Pet Orphans of Southern California, and is now forever loved!

Dog Rescue Stories: Blue Eyed Essie Looking for Her Forever Home!

Essie is Losing Her Foster Home on June 21. If you are in Southern California and Can Foster Her, Please Contact Little Wolf Rescue!

Ask The Dog Trainer: My Dog Pees In The House

Ask A Dog Trainer: My Dog Pees In The House Your dog training questions are answered by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at FetchFind  where you can fetch the latest information from the world’s leading pet experts and find something that inspires you. Click here to send us your dog care or training question.   QUESTION: