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Dog Rescue Stories: Tofu Had Endured So Much in Just Four Months

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorRoseanne found Tofu because of her passion for animals and thanks to one of the hundreds of animal organizations she follows on Facebook. She saw a tiny puppy, laying in her savior’s arms, and immediately fell in love.When Roseanne was 20 years old, she didn’t know the importance of rescue and adoption, and bought a puppy. She always felt like she needed to make up for that ‘mistake.’ She would never buy a dog again, and even though she loves her border collie, Se, with all her heart, she always felt guilty.Roseanne wasn’t planning to add another dog to her family, but she came across this puppy’s photos a second time, and knew it was meant to be.  She didn’t know how Se would react to not being a single child anymore, or how much their lives would change with a second dog. All she knew was that she wanted Tofu’s forever home to be with them, in Holland. She wanted Tofu to be safe and loved.Tofu was saved from a kill shelter in Romania by a wonderful woman named Bianca, who saves urgent dogs from shelters. Tofu arrived in Holland and met her forever family when she was just four months old. She was scared of everything and was sick from all the stress. She was terrified of Se and all other dogs. They could only imagine all the horrors she already had to endure in her short life. But she started to warm up to Se after a few days and she began to trust her new forever family more and more. After a year, Tofu has blossomed into an absolutely gorgeous, super sweet derp! She’s always cheerful, always happy, and always has so much love and so many kisses to give!
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