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When Kids Discover Pets…

When kids discover pets, they discover themselves. With pets, kids will definitely learn habits and values. Let’s make sure that your kids learn good habits and positive values when they discover pets. Perhaps you’ve heard that when kids are successful with pets, they learn confidence, responsibility, impulse control, healthy discipline, empathy, safety, lovingkindness. It’s a great list, right?

But kids’ failure with pets can teach them irresponsibility, lack of confidence, fear. So although your child may benefit from having a pet, be careful about making that the reason to get any pet. The truth is that if you have kids and you get a dog, it’s your dog. You kid will promise the moon to care for that dog, but most children are fickle with responsibility and a dog can’t be fickled with.

As a little boy, I had a failure with a pet bird. In my little boy’s mind, I silently believed that because my bird died, I had better not get another pet. Ever. Decades passed before I got my own pet. My Golden Retriever, Higgins lived to 15-1/2 years. Higgins changed my life. I even had the joy of creating the award-winning Animal Wow DVD and co-authoring the award-winning book, Training the Best Dog Ever. I couldn’t have planned that blessing. So, if your child has a bad experience with a pet, I’m here to bear witness that redemption, full redemption is possible.

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