Ask The Dog Trainer

Why Train?

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Everyone has their own reasons for training their dog, but here are 2 good reasons:

1. You train your dog to control his behavior.

2. (The most important reason) You train your dog in order to form a bond between you and your dog.

The most effective way to build a bond with your dog is through positive reinforcement training. So, what is positive reinforcement training you ask?


Positive reinforcement training, also known as reward training, is rewarding a behavior/action in order to encourage the behavior/action. In positive reinforcement training, dogs are rewarded for good behavior and when unwanted behavior is shown, the reward is taken away or not given.

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Training your dog will help your dog to have a better connection with you. Trained dogs are happier, feel safer, and are more successful in the human world. When you guide your dog to do what you want and reward him when he does it, he is more likely to do it again.

Dog training is not just for your dog, it is for you and your family too. When training your dog, it’s good to involve your children during the process. It can help to instill good values and responsibility in your children. Dog training builds a stronger bond between your dog and your family…truly growing the relationship from a family pet to a family member.

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